Some of the nearly 200.000 letters received from readers in 58 years...


Signal's first Club Directory was issued already in the 1960's, now it is linked to all of our below websites.
Publisher Raimo Kaarna,
Purokatu 18, FI-15200 Lahti, FINLAND

Raimo Kaarna, Purokatu 18, FI-15200 Lahti, Finland * *

That's what the SIGNALs looked like from 1979 to 2004...
The size was usually tabloid, 5.000 copies.

Raimo Kaarna, some letters from the readers Signal had its own offset printing press earlier Later it was printed on web offset presses Publisher's ex-wife with two Algerian readers A cold beer refreshens the publisher U.S. robot or puppet reader in the 80's Mr R P Agrawal, Indian businessman searching for... The publisher resting and enjoying the sun Happy 50th Anniversary of the Signal In West Germany a reader glanced the ads Raimo Kaarna in his Signal office Leyland K Stoddart in Philippines, philatelist and publisher Young reader in Hungary, Focht Sandor's son Arpad In Indonesia Arcole Ary Tandy helped Signal in circulation The publisher with a few letters, banknotes India - is this photo from Amritsar? Readers even in Libya, Kauidder Mekki Signal's computers in the 80's, excellent Some of the archieves back in 80's and 90's Signal has been quite popular in India The readers had to pay for their ads and Signals This reader, Wilfried Elsner, is from West Germany Thousands of Ghanaian Cedis, valueless now Two personal computers of the past years The latest tabloid Signals were issued in 2004 Mimi from Indonesia visited Signal in 2014 The Signals were laser printed in color in 2014